Review Policy

I accept review requests for the following genres:
-urban fantasy
-paranormal romance
-dark urban fantasy
-Young Adult (paranormal)
-Erotic Romance (paranormal)
-any other books you feel that might fit with the genres I review

I accept both paper books and ebooks (.pdf, .epub, DRM .epub)

All reviews are posted here,, and at Please feel free to e-mail me at with review requests including description of book, genre, title, your affiliation to the book (author/publisher/other) and contact information. I will reply to your request usually within 24 hours. I reserve the write to refuse to do a review - I don't do this full time and I still have other responsibilities.

Due to the new FTC regulations I need to make the following disclosure.  All the book reviews are un-paid and all books are purchased or given as a gift from publisher/author (if this is the case I will note it in review). Any print books, ARCs, or ebooks given to me will not be sold and will be kept personally or given away to my readers with permission of author/publisher.  No advertising is posted in my blog nor do I plan to in the future. All reviews are copyright of