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Review of Bad to the Bone by Jeri Smith-Ready - Vampire Dogs and an Authographed Book Giveaway

Title: Bad to the Bone (WVMP Radio, #2)
Author: Jeri Smith-Ready
Pages: 384 Pages, Paperback
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance
Standalone/Series: Series
Release:  Already Out
Publisher: Pocket
Purchased by me
Author info:
Spoiler Alert: some if you haven't read first book Wicked Game
GoodReads Blurb: Turn On. Tune In. Drop Dead.

If you’re just joining us, welcome to radio station WVMP, “The Lifeblood of Rock ’n’ Roll.” Con-artist-turned-station-owner Ciara Griffin manages an on-air staff of off-the-wall DJs—including her new boyfriend Shane McAllister—who really sink their teeth into the music of their ‘Life Time” (the era in which they became vampires). It’s Ciara’s job to keep the undead rocking, the ratings rolling, and the fan base alive—without missing a beat.

For Halloween, WVMP is throwing a bash sure to raise the dead. They’ve got cool tunes, hot costumes, killer cocktails—what could go wrong? Well, for starters, a religious firebrand ranting against the evils of the occult preempts the station’s midnight broadcast. Then, when Ciara tracks down the illegal transmission, the broadcast tower is guarded by what appears to be…a canine vampire? And behind it all is a group of self-righteous radicals who think vampires suck (and are willing to stake their lives on it).

Now Ciara must protect the station while struggling with her own murky relationship issues, her best friend’s unlikely romance with a fledgling vampire, and the nature of her mysterious anti-holy powers. To make it to New Year’s in one piece, she’ll need to learn a few new tricks.… 

I loved the first book in this series, Wicked Game, that introduced us to Ciara - the con-artist with a tarnished heart of gold. We also met the vampire DJs that have their own decade themed shows at WVMP and Shane - the smokin' hot grunge music god/ vampire that won his way into Ciara's heart. Now we fast forward a few months and Ciara is still hoping to keep the radio station profitable and free of takeover by a big radio conglomerate while posing as her now deceased boss. The big live Halloween eve show for the station at the Smoking Pig, the bar her best friend Lori works at, starts without a hitch but soon goes down hill when their live radio show is pirated by a belligerent anti-vampire religious group. Soon they find out that the group pirating the show might have some ties to "the Control" - the group that regulates the vampires in the U.S. Ciara ends up in some very dangerous situations as she tries to get to the bottom of who is pirating the station and she will have to put all her con skills to good use to try and stay alive.

While trying to figure out the shadowy group targeting the radio station Ciara still has to deal with the aftermath of her father's betrayal of her and the Control from the previous book. Her feelings about her father are all mixed up, the need to report on him to the Control conflicts with the need to keep her family safe. I have a feeling that her daddy issues will take several books to resolve if they can ever be resolved and further bombshells are dropped on her about her family as the book progresses. I'm curious to see how it plays out in the future books along with her anti-holy blood that can heal wounds inflicted by holy water. Is it based on how she was raised by her family who in the end made a mockery of Christian faith by fleecing believers of their money or is it genetic and all her family members have the same trait. It's an interesting twist that Ciara's blood does have those properties.

Ciara is also still in a relationship with Shane - her vampire DJ with OCD, good taste in music, and is good in bed. For Ciara it's the longest relationship she's ever had with a man, four months, and she's terrified that she will screw it up like she seems to do everything in her life. Shane on the other hand wants to move their relationship to a new level and live with her. Though life with Shane isn't going to be easy - with his OCD it drives him to leave detailed multi-page notes about proper dishwashing etiquette even though he doesn't need to use dishes himself. Though in return she gets to live with her hot musician DJ vampire boyfriend who loves to ravish her body. Decisions, decisions....

I think one of my favorite "new characters" in this book  is the vampire dog that Ciara rescues from death by sunlight when someone from the group terrorizing her radio station leaves him changed up outside. The dog is fiercely loyal and protective of Ciara and thankfully can survive on blood donations from dogs so we never had to read about the vampire dog feeding from other dogs - thank goodness. His fierce loyalty and protectiveness also create some mayhem in Ciara's life as well.

This book is a 4.5 out of 5 for me - I love Ciara's dry and snarky humor as well as her smokin' hot vampire boyfriend. And yeah for vampire dogs!

 So I have a signed copy of Bad to the Bone to give to one of my readers (US/ Canada only giveaway). Since Jeri Smith-Ready is one of the authors I'm hoping to meet at BEA (she's doing a Shade signing/ YA panel/ and blogger reception -I swear I am not a stalker ;) I thought my giveaway question could be BEA/author oriented. If you're going to BEA who are some of the authors you're hoping to meet/ which signings are you going to? If you can't make it to BEA but have an author you would love to go to a signing of let me know?

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Barbara E. said...

I've been to an RT Book Fair, so I got to meet and have books signed by quite a few awesome authors. There are a few new authors out that I would enjoy attending a signing for - Nicole Peeler and Jaye Wells would be great to meet.

Gigi's Consignment Closet said...

I would LOVE to meet and greet w/Larissa Ione, Jerri Smith-Ready, Shiloh Walker, Ann Aguire, J Frost, and so many more. I'd be the ultimate creepy stalker fan so it's probably good I;'m not going. :)

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Karen said...

Well you know who I want to meet - and I'll step on you if you get in my way :-)))
Don't enter me - I already have the book signed.
Shane is my absolute favorite - even with the OCD!
Hope to see you at BEA!!

Melissa said...

I've been spying this book and want to read it...
I'd probably really want to meet Jeanine Frost. Got to ask about chpt 32! :)

Follow ya!
Follow tweets! (@BooksThings)
Jealous! Wanna go to BEA (oh wait, not one of the extra entries...)

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

@Barbara - agreed! I follow Nicole Peeler and Jaye Wells on twitter and they are awesome! I would love to meet them at a signing too - great choices!

@Gigi - great minds think alike - I would so love to meet those authors too!

@Karen - see ya at BEA!

@Melissa - I don't think I could ask Jeanine Frost about Ch. 32.. I would probably blush too much :D

Elizabeth said...

Jeri smith obviously I have all her book her voice of crow series and bad to the bones series and her current book shade shes absolutely my favorite author.

JenM said...

I've read a couple of Jeri's books and enjoyed them so I'd love to meet her (and would love to win a copy of Bad to the Bone). In addition, I saw that Richelle Mead was going to be there and since I love her Georgina Kincaid and Dark Swan series, I'd be trying to meet her. I'm sure there are others...

Fiction Vixen said...

Wonderful review Heather. I really like the cover on this book and look forward to starting this series. (don't enter me in the contest)

Mandi said...

Vampire dog and snarky humor..sounds right up my alley :)

Don't enter me...but I'm really excited to see Tim Gunn at BEA :)

Jeri said...

Thanks for the awesome review, Heather! Dexter is based on a foster dog we once had but sadly couldn't keep because he wasn't cat friendly (he went to another foster home, who adopted him he next day, so happy ending for him ;-).

Looking forward to meeting you this week at BEA!

elaing8 said...

I'd want to meet Jeanine Frost and rachel Vincent.

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Michelle said...

Hey I just found your blog and I'm happy to have found another fan of Jeri Smith-Ready!!

If I was lucky enough to go to BEA, I think I'd really, really like to meet with Diana Peterfreund or Deanna Raybourne or Maureen Johnson. All three of those ladies seem just awesome and I'd love to chat with them.

new follower! mmillet at gmail dot com

Tanya@AmongTheMuses said...

Great review, Heather! I've heard so many great things about Jeri Smith-Ready, and have Shade coming to me shortly.

There are soooo many authors--including Larissa Ione and J.Frost-- that I would love to meet and ask questions of, but right now the only one I am dying to talk with is, J.R. Ward!

And, I'm passing you an award! :P Come claim it at

throuthehaze said...

I'm not going but I would love to meet Richelle Mead.


follow on twitter @throuthehaze

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

tetewa said...

I'm not going but would love to meet Janet Evanovich!

k_sunshine1977 said...

if i could, i would love to meet kim harrison, karen chance, carole nelson douglas, sir arthur conan doyle (but that's an impossibility!), laurie king, barbara bretton, beverly cleary, and judith tarr. and that's just off the top of my head!

k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I'd love to meet Jeaniene Frost and Rachel Caine.

I'm a new follower

Julie said...

This book sounds interesting. I'm not going to BEA, and I'm not a huge follower of any one author in particular, since I like to move around from style to style depending on what I'm in the mood to read.

juliecookies(at) I'm already a follower on google and twitter.

Midnyte said...

Hey there Heather,
I met you at BEA, I sat next to you at lunch. It was great meeting you. I went to BEA without really looking at the author lists because I wasn't sure how it worked. I was just sort of winging it. However, I was so thrilled to meet Jerri at the reception! (I told you that story didn't I?). I think I want to re-read Wicked Game.

My fantasy would be to meet Charles De Lint!

Elizabeth said...

+1Follower twitter

Christine H said...

I'd love to meet a few Authors Toni Blake, Alexandrta Ivy, Shayla Black, Shiloh Walker, Janelle Denison and so many others.

I follow your blog-Christine H
I follow you on twitter-Romantic73

Anonymous said...

I would love to meet Kim Harrison.

I follow your blog: Rae (In The Forest)
I follow you on Tiwtter: @rae_reads

jellybelly82158 said...

I would love to meet Rachel Vincent, Kim Harrison, Christine Feehan, Keri Arthur.... there are too many to list.

I follow your blog on GFC - jellybelly82158

Follow on Twitter - user name jellybelly82158

NotNessie said...

Couldn't make it to BEA this year, but I would love to go to a Suzanne Collins signing someday.


mbreakfield said...

I didn't go to BEA, but I would love to see Sherrilyn Kenyon.
I'm a follower.
I folllow on twitter. @mbreakfield

Lisa B. said...

I hope one day to attend BEA (as an author). I'd love to meet Jeri Smith-Ready and Rachel Vincent.

I'm a follower (Lisa M. Basso)

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