Wednesday, January 27, 2010

DarklyReading in action!

So on Monday night I got to experience darkly reading in action - our power was out for most of the night so while the hubby went crazy without the internet I read on my ebook reader by candlelight.. which seemed kind of wrong. For some reason when I picture people reading books by candlelight in the "olden" days it wasn't on a ereader.

By the way - in ereader news, apple has released their first peak of the new ipad which is suppose to be a new ereader/internet browser tablet - you can see a msnbc video about it here and there is a nice comparison between the kindle vs ipad here.  Though it looks sleek and shiny and cool, I am just not a fan of the name. Maybe because I am a girl and the name brings to mind feminine hygiene it just me? Maybe iTablet or iReader would be a better name? Maybe it will come in a pink case and just complete the "pad" picture I have in mind. Also Huffington Post has a great article about all the ereaders currently on the market and coming to the market in 2010 here. So if you are thinking of getting an ereader apparently this is the year of the ereaders with many cool options coming to market.

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