Monday, June 21, 2010

Favorite Firsts with Darkly Reading and Not-Really Southern Vamp Chick

Today we have one of my favorite bloggers - Amanda from Not Really Southern Vamp Chick visiting Darkly Reading and we are doing a little Q & A of our favorites and firsts. Stay tuned to the end and read how you can enter in Amanda's giveaway for my birthday!

(I love Amanda's button!)

What are your favorite stand-alone and series books of all time? What have been some of your favorite reads from this year?

Heather: Some of my favorite series are - Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series, Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series (Ohh Curan!), and Larissa Ione's Demonica series. Some favorite reads from this year are Mind Games by Carolyn Crane, The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker by Leanna Renee Hieber, Angels Blood and Archangels Kiss by Nalini Singh. I must also mention I started the Black Dagger Brotherhood series this year at the urging of many of my smart book buddies from the blog and twitter. I am loving the BDB boys but things got a little intense so I'm taking a bit of a breather during V's book. So far my favorite has been Zsadist! 

Amanda: Let's see, my favorite stand-alones would have to be The Giver by Lois Lowry, Mandy by Julie Edwards (I loved it as a kid, probably b/c I was called Mandy when I was little,lol. I still have it too!), and A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens. My favorite series are The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle, Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery, the Pern books by Anne McCaffrey, anything by Richelle Mead, Nightworld by L.J. Smith, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, and The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien. Favorite reads from this year are the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, Soulless by Gail Carriger, Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler, Red-Headed Stepchild by Jaye Wells, Moonshine by Alaya Johnson, and Embers by Laura Bickle.

H: Great picks from this year Amanda - add Tempest Rising and Red-Headed Stepchild to my list too!
Do you prefer vampires/ werewolves/ angels/ demons/ other? What has been your favorite paranormal being you've read in books that you had never heard of before reading that book?

H: So I'm an equal opportunity paranormal reader - I love them all (except perhaps the lessers from J.R. Wards BDB series - they are super creapy!) I think my favorite new to me paranormal are probably the disillusionists from Carolyn Crane's new series.

A: I've always loved vampires and always will. They are very much my favorites. In the past few months I've become very fond of shifters as well, though. Hmmm, something I hadn't heard of before reading that book... Embers had a unique thing or two that I really hadn't heard much about before. I've read a lot of mythology so I don't run across much that I haven't heard of before in some form or another.
What is your favorite type of hero/ heroine?

H: I totally have a Mr. Darcy complex - I love those heroes that are stand-offish and don't want to fall in love with the heroine but when they do they fall hard!

A: I like all kinds. It gets boring to read the same kinds of books all the time, so I like having different kinds of people to read about. With that said, I don't like reading about whiny, pitiful girls that can't do anything without the hero. Bleh!

Favorite sexy scene in a paranormal romance? 
H:Umm..Chapter 32 from Jeanine Frost's Night Huntress series is one of my favorites!

A: It's more of an urban fantasy, but Night Huntress's Cat and Bones! You all know what Chapter if you've read it! :D

H:See great minds think alike :)
First paranormal you read?
H: I was a big fantasy reader when I was younger (David Eddings, Robin McKinley, Terry Goodkind) then I went through a literary fiction phase, and then I read Twilight and the Sookie Stackhouse series and I've been reading paranormals ever since.

A: Umm, Does a Wrinkle in Time count or is that more fantasy,sci-fi? I guess Twilight.

First book to make you tear up a little? 
H: I don't want to give to much away for those who haven't read the Night Huntress series but I think it was in the third book when a certain favorite vampire of mine might be dead I got a little misty-eyed.

A: Anne of Green Gables I think.

First book full of smexy scenes?
H: Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris...ohh Eric!

A: Hmmm. Maybe one of Christine Feehan's Dark books? Not sure, something from the library. Oh wait no it was some awful romance book that I've tried to block from my memory.

First book to make you want to post a review about it?
H: Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Ready - loved that book!

A: I posted a few before this, but I really wanted to post reviews for the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost.

First author to do a guest post/interview on your blog?

H: Leanna Renee Heiber interview - it was lots of fun and she had some great pictures.

A: David  Naill Wilson guest post.

Thanks Amanda for stopping by and you can find Amanda here: 

Blog: Not-Really-Southern Vamp Chick
Twitter: @NRSVampChick

Now onto Amanda's giveaway - she has offered to buy one of my lovely readers a book present (under $10 from book depository-so international!) of any of the books we mentioned in the interview (and we mentioned alot). All you have to do to enter is answer one of the questions in the interview in the comments section. And since she is such a wonderful person make sure to visit her blog and follow her on twitter!

Don't forget to enter my Favorite Firsts Birthday Bash if you haven't yet!


Book of Secrets said...

Hi, Heather & Amanda!

First author to do a guest post/interview on your blog?

My first author interview on my blog was Ms. Laura Stamps! She's a great person to interview - great fun!

Diana @ Book of Secrets Blog

Bethany C. said...

I think the first paranormal I ever read was the first Meredith Gentry (A Kiss of Midnight, I think?) That led to Anita Blake (backwards, I know) and I've read pretty much nothing but pnr/uf ever since.
b(dot)cardone(at)hot mail

Anonymous said...

The first book, well series, to make me want to post a review about it would have to be Twilight ... I read the series, and re-read it, and re-read it ... then I got bored of reading it over and over, lol ... especially since I reached the point where I only read my favourite bits, so it didn't even take up very much time ... but it was serious WITHDRAWAL stuffs not reading it again ... so I started my blog, to tell people about it :D The rest is history ... :o

Smokinhotbooks said...

I love that everyone knows the infamous Chapter 32.

Shy said...

Like Bella, I was also introduced to books in Paranormal genre when I start reading Twilight. In fact, I only start reading anything YA after start reading that book and from that moment on, I found many other books, which are better than Twilight. Guess I do have to thank Stephenie Meyer for sort of introducing me to this genre.


Heather (DarklyReading) said...

@Shy & @Bella - year it seems alot of people get started with Twilight when they read paranormals - it's like a gateway drug ;)

@Diana - Laura Stamps is definitely entertaining ;)

@Bethany - yup I read Hamilton in the other order - Anita Blake then Meridith Gentry ;)

@K.C. - there are some things you just don't forget ;)

Angela @ Reading Angels said...

My first paranormals were probably RL Stine and Christopher Pike as a kid. As a teen/adult, Harry Potter and Anita Blake :-)


Angela @ Reading Angels said...
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Amanda Leigh said...

@Diana- Laura Stamps is such fun! Gotta love her!

@Bethany- I started w/ Merry Gentry first too b/c that's what my library had. Now I'm slowly getting to the Anita books.

@Bella & Shy- I started w/ Twilight too, and read it several times, then found out how much was really out there and haven't looked back. I still really appreciate Twilight and what it's done for the genre though. :)

@Smokinhotbooks- Well of course! Gotta love me some Bones!

@Angel- I read all the Harry Potter books, but I'm slowly making my way back to all the other awesome books I've missed over the years.

@Heather- Ok, so a lot of your favorites should have been on my list too. Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, love them all! Some of the others are on my tbr shelf. Thanks for having me here today for part of your bday bash!

Christine said...

My very first urban fantasy book was the fabulous Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews. After "Here, kitty kitty" Ilona Andrews owned me! :) I´ve read so many goog books since then but the Kate Daniels series is still my favourite!

Natasha A. said...

First paranormal you read?
Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series. I was 15. *sigh* I miss them....

Candace said...

What is your favorite type of hero/ heroine?
I hate a cat and mouse game, so I like a guy/girl who goes after what they want. That is strong enough to admit their weaknesses and get past it. I hate it when they get all whiny, oh, I'm not good enough for so and so they deserve so much better... Yeah, that's a huge downside to many books. In particular, BDB (though I do like them).
Great interview!

CrystalGB said...

My first paranormals were Christine Feehan's Carpathians.


Barbara E. said...

What paranormal creature do I prefer? That would be vampires - always my number one love. But I do enjoy all of the others as well. What book introduced me to a new favorite paranormal creature? I'd have to say Nicole Peeler's Tempest Rising - I'd heard the name Selkie, but didn't know anything about them.

I already follow Amanda at her Not Really Southern Vamp Chick blog - love it!

donnas said...

I really prefer vampires the most. They are dark sexy and mysterious. And I completely agree with your favorite type of hero. I do so love them when they resist but still fall.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

Giada M. said...

Great interview! I love Amanda's blog!:)

First paranormal you read?

Dracula. And then I read so many I can't count! :P

Giada M.

fabgiada (at) gmail (dot) com

elaing8 said...

First paranormal you read?

Twilight then I started the Vampire Academy Series and House of Night series.


Grace said...

Goodday to Heather & Amanda! Hi!

Questions for Amanda, if you had to chose between a romantic themed story (a la Twilight) and an action-fueled plot that only has love as a secondary element, which would you go for?

Also, have you ever tried writing your own urban fantasy or mini novel? ;D

ilovearevolution (at) live (dot) com

Janna said...

Congrats! :D I enjoyed your one-on-one a lot!
Hmmm, which one of those questions shall I pick?... Okay, my favorite hero would be gay and come with another hero instead of a heroine ;) And I also have a weak spot for the Darcy types!

Michelle said...

My favorite series/read this year: this has to go to MagiC Bleeds in the Kate Daniels series. IT ROCKS!! Love, love it!! Thanks!

Amanda Leigh said...

Yay! So many familiar faces! And hi to the new ones! *waves*

@Christine- Oh, those Ilona Andrews is awesome! I was pretty much hooked after the 'Here kitty, kitty" as well. lmao

@Natasha- I'm still working my way through them. :)

@Candace- I can get tired of that too, that's why I have to have a variety.

@Barbara- That was the first book I'd read that centered around a Selkie, but I'd read a few others that had them in the story. Glad you like the blog :D

@donnas- Yay for vampires!

@Giada- Nice way to start!

@elaing- That's pretty much the way I started too!

@Grace- I prefer action for the most part as the main drive of the story. And I'd love to write, but I'm not good with dialogue :(

@Janna- Oh! That would work too!

@Michelle- Loved it! Just read it! SOOOO good!!

jellybelly82158 said...

Great interview. I love Amanda's blog

I love vampires, werewolves, shifters, demons, witches. About any of them.
The shifter that I hadn't heard about before would be thunderbirds in Rachel Vincent's Book Shift

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

@amanda-thx for stopping by - you had such a good guest post! And yeah for all the comments - seems like a lot of people also share your love of the vampires ;)

JenM said...

The very first paranormal I read was Interview with the Vampire way back when as a young teenager. However I had stopped reading paranormals years ago and then a friend told me about True Blood. I don't have HBO, but when she told me it was based on a book, well, I just had to read it, Now I'm thoroughly hooked once again.

Blodeuedd said...

Nice answers :)

I think I will go for the first author one cos that was such a nervous day for me. It was Michelle Moran, and that broke the ice, and I asked Gail carriger to come over later that month

Amanda Leigh said...

@Heather thanks so much for having me! It was so much fun! I've been loving all the answers too! Woo hoo for vamp love! lol

Sarah said...

Great post - you've both mentioned some fab books that I either already love or have on my wishlist! My favorite sexy scene in a paranormal romance would have to be chapter 32! I absolutely love the Night Huntress series :o)

Rachel498 said...

First paranormals I read were I think Twilight and Vampire Academy followed by the Black Dagger Brotherhood back in..2008 I think. :)

Rachel- Res498(AT)

Erika Powell said...

Do you prefer vampires/ werewolves/ angels/ demons/ other?
I love me some vampires


Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Favorite sexy scene... I think I may have to jump on the bandwagon and say Chapter 32. Although I'm reading the BDB right now and they've got some yummy scenes as well :)

LOVED this post! Great interview!

Christa said...

First book to make you tear up a little: I really remember my reaction to Ella Enchanted. : ) So dramatic! I totally cried during Green Gables, too, but I watched the movie before reading the book, so does it count? lol.

Thanks for the giveaway & interview. I love NRSVamp Chick's name (and blog).

ambience.of.rain {at}

Unknown said...

First of all HAPPY BIRTHDAY Heather!! :-D

Great webchat, loved reading more about your literary firsts :-)

My favourite stand alone books and series this year: discovered the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews and became a die hard fan! also discovered Sonya Bateman (Master of None) and Gini Koch (Touched by an Alien) and I added new favourite authors to my list!

My all time series so far are the Anne series by LM Montgomery (have read those countless times, and can't get tired of them!) and Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series.

First paranormal novels I read: I so remeber this! The very first was the 1st BDB book, the 2nd the 1st Riley Jensen book and the 3rd was Bitten by Kelley Armstrong :-)

First book full of smexy scenes and also first romance novel I ahve ever read: Born in Fire by Nora Roberts. My best friend brought it to high school and the cover looked all mysterious with dark orange/red flames and I thought it was a story about a witch and some magic, imagine my surprise when I staretd reading it and discovered some very hot love scenes :-D lol

Thanks for your generosity Amanda and thanks for making this giveaway international!! *hugs*

Thanks for the great post Girls! :-)

stella.exlibris (at) gmail (dot) com

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

@Stella - we have so many of the same book favorites! It's funny how I people can usually remember their first smexy book.. then it's down the slippery slope to more smexy books ;)

Cathy M said...

The Anita Blake series was my first ever paranormal romance story and I've been hooked on the genre ever since.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Roby said...

First book to make you tear up a little?
David Copperfield.


Spav said...

My first paranormal book was Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris, although I was alerady a big fantasy fan by then (Tolkien, CS Lewis, Philip Pullman, JK Rowling,...).


SandyG265 said...

My first paranormal books were HP Lovecrafts books. I read them when I was in high school and then read LOTR.

Adelina said...

One of my favorite book series is Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. So Magic Bleeds is on my need-to-buy or need-to-win list, lol. Love Kate and Curran!

Aik said...

The first paranormal book I read was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I have loved paranormal books since then.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

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