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Review of Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur - I will miss you sexy vampire Quinn!

Title: Moon Sworn (Riley Jensen, #9)
Author: Keri Arthur
Pages: 368 Pages, Paperback
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Standalone/Series: Series
Release:  Already Out
Publisher: Piatkus Books
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Author info: Keri Arthur's website
Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for previous books
Goodreads Blurb: Some nights never end. Some desires never die. . . . She ventures where no one else dares—into realms of peril and pleasure. But will this next journey be her last?

Shape-shifting werewolf and vampire Riley Jenson is through with death–causing it, solving it, surviving it. Her soul mate, Kye Murphy, is dead–and at Riley’s own hands. Not even the seductive embrace of her vampire lover, Quinn, can fully ease her mind, for she has begun questioning everything that makes her Riley–including her job at the Directorate. Now, the ritualistically slain bodies of ex-cons have started turning up. Reluctantly, Riley takes the case, but something even worse is waiting in the wings. For a vicious enemy from her past is determined to strip Riley of everything that gives her life any meaning: her lover, her brother–and even her own identity. Can Riley survive this ultimate assault? All she knows is, she must fight one last time to find answers, before everything goes dark forever…

Moon Sworn is the last installment in the Riley Jensen series is a bittersweet moment for me, I want Riley to get her happy ever after, or some kind of happy ending, but I’m sad to see the series end. Throughout this nine book series Riley has been betrayed, beaten, and broken as well as had surprisingly bad and good taste in men. I haven’t always liked Riley during this series, though she has definitely developed from a self-centered girl into a woman who has learned to care about more than herself. Now in the last novel a Riley has emerged that is capable of taking the time to evaluate what is important to her, finally is letting in and depending on people who love her, and dare I say is willing to compromise on those dreams she had as a child to find some future happiness.

Moon Sworn picks up a few months after the events from Bound to Shadows. Riley is still trying to recover from the guilt and pain of Kade’s death as well as Kye’s – her soulmate. The first scene of this book (you can see an excerpt here)  had me tearing up as Riley is paying her respects to Kade. Riley is definitely more broken emotionally at the start of this novel than in previous books and is having to face a lot of her personal demons. Add to the mix the ominous warning that Kye imparted to her about her old corrupt alpha Blake still plotting his revenge and Riley has a lot to worry about. And the type of revenge move that Blake puts into play was not what I expect but evil all the same. Thankfully, Riley has family and friends like Rhoan, Liander, and we must-not forget sexy vampire lover Quinn who are always looking out for her and try to protect her. Though I wasn’t a big Quinn fan in the earlier novels, Quinn is so sweet and supportive of Riley in the later novels of the series and this book is no exception. If the book was lacking anything it was more Quinn time for me - I'm greedy like that.

When Blake puts his diabolical plan in motion to ruin Riley and Rhoan’s life, I was definitely on the edge of my seat hoping that Riley’s friends would make it to her in time to save her. Even though this is the last book, Ms. Arthur does not go easy on Riley. Riley is also still fighting her internal struggle of whether she is a killer or not and meant to be a Guardian as she sees herself sliding down the same life path that her brother Rhoan has taken. There are some resolutions to these struggles and now I hope Riley can finally have a slightly more peaceful life! The ending of the book was a great series ending though we will get to see peeks into Riley and her family's life in the new series based on Risa (a side character in these books) that Ms. Arthur is writing.

4 out of 5 stars for me, it's hard to let go of such a deliciously sexy series but part we must! I will miss you Quinn!!


Karen said...

Awesome review!!

The Book Guru said...

I miss them all already!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I am only a few books into this series. Your review makes me want to pick up the next one. Always loved Quinn no matter how frustrating he was!

Heather (DarklyReading) said...

@Karen - thx!

@Book Guru - I know! I'm looking forward to Risa's series though - it's going to be weird reading from her POV as an adult since we only have known her as a small child in Riley's series!

@Melissa - Quinn only gets better as the series goes on! I thought he was an ass in the beginning of the series but he definitely gets better towards the end!

Smokinhotbooks said...

Kade’s death as well as Kye’s – her soulmate --> Gasp, the main hero dies!!!!! Holy cow I don't know if my heart can take it.

Mandi said...

I need to read this series darn it. I read the previous book and loved. Need to go to the beginning. One day!

Janna said...

Wow, a nine books series! I have a lot to catch up then. Wonderful review, Heather :)

Sophia (FV) said...

Nice review Heather! This was such a bittersweet read for me too. I'll miss Riley and her family. This has been a favorite series.

SusiSunshine said...

I so agree. I loved this book. And yes, I didn't like Riley much in the 2nd book, too. LOL
Great review!

Tori [Book Faery] said...

Okay I'm not letting myself read this spoiler because I still have to read this series, but your header... Has got me super intrigued now hah

Tricia said...

I had to skim b/c I still need to catch up on this series but where I'm at now not liking Quinn so much, sooo happy to hear that'll change for me.

Missie, The Unread Reader said...

I need to get back to this series. Quinn is great! I will always remember the way we first met him... *le sigh*

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